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David Shulick Background

David Shulick is an experienced business development professional specializing in Corporate Affairs. David Shulick previously practiced law for many years and even operated his own business. Today, he leverages what he has learned from his time in law and business development to assist with vital corporate affairs processes. David is currently the Vice President of Corporate Affairs at ESD, Inc., a family-owned supplier in the vended laundry industry. At ESD, Mr. Shulick assists with strategic development and M&A processes, providing counsel for legal, human resources, regulatory, production, supply chain, sales, and financial operations.

David Shulick’s career is underlined by a commitment to streamlining key processes for his organizations while implementing strategies to uphold corporate affairs, compliance, and comprehensive analysis at each turn. Both colleagues and collaborators speak to how Mr. Shulick is a professional who remains on the cutting edge of cultural, community, and educational initiatives while continuously excelling at leading companies on the path to transformative change.

David Shulick on How Can Business Owners Improve Their Vended Laundry Services

David Shulick

David Shulick’s experience in the vended laundry space has opened his eyes to everything that goes into keeping businesses healthy and ready to serve customers.

David mentions that vended laundry business owners are consistently looking for ways that they can make meaningful improvements. As such, the insights here include simple strategies that they can draw from to set their operations up for success.

Upgrade Old Machines

The reasons why we visit vended laundry businesses is obviously to clean our clothes. With that being said, having outdated machines is bad for both the customer and the business owner. If your machines are older, have not been serviced well, or are showing signs of disrepair, they are almost certainly less efficient than modern ones and may take more time to wash or dry clothes. Efficient machines equal happy customers, and people will be able to spend less time waiting for their clothes to wash and dry. This, in turn, means that business owners have more opportunities to make money while saving on utility costs.

Add Amenities

Customers spend several hours at the locations where they do their laundry, and they are far more likely to enjoy their experience (and return repeatedly) if there are amenities available that make that time enjoyable. Vended laundry businesses that have Wi-Fi access, television, air conditioning, books and magazines, toys and activities for children, wall outlets for charging, vending machines, etc. will almost certainly be more successful than those that lack such amenities.

David Shulick

Make Improvements to the Interior

Much like amenities, David Shulick acknowledges that the interior of your vended laundry business can totally make or break the experience from the customer’s perspective. After all, we go to the laundromat to clean our clothes, and no one wants to do so at a place that seems unkempt, dirty, etc. Simple steps such as sweeping and mopping the floors, cleaning dust, and contributing to a clean and tidy atmosphere can make your vended laundry business stand out to customers.

Mr. Shulick finds that there are plenty of other ways that business owners can show a commitment to excellence where their interior is concerned. Your machines may work properly, but it is equally important that they stay clean and free of lint. It can also be helpful to apply a fresh coat of paint to the walls on occasion, take care of the floors, replace old signage, and keep consistent branding within your store.

Commit to Customer Service

Making a commitment to customer service at your vended laundry business is key, and there are many ways that business owners can do so. One of the most important is to ensure that staff is properly trained, attentive, and inviting to customers. When a customer doesn’t know how to operate a machine or requires assistance, a prompt and helpful response is what keeps those people coming back. Ultimately, you want people to feel comfortable while at your location, and helping them along throughout their experience is a great way to facilitate this. David Shulick speaks to how customer service in the vended laundry industry extends to how we communicate essential info to customers. Posters, signs, and verbally letting individuals know about the services you offer and how certain things work can prevent frustrations and confusions that could ruin the customer experience.

David Shulick

Consider Safety

Many vended laundry businesses are open 24/7, and you can expect some customers to take advantage of the opportunity to wash and dry their clothes at varying hours through the night. This is where safety is essential to the overall customer experience. For those who visit the location late at night, it is essential for the business to be well-lit. Surveillance cameras will provide the benefit of keeping your business safe and secure, and they also help customers feel safer when there are not many others around.

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