The Financial Benefits of Including Vended Laundry in Commercial Real Estate Portfolios

David Shulick

The commercial real estate landscape offers a multitude of investment opportunities, each with its own set of considerations and potential returns. One often overlooked but highly lucrative addition to a commercial real estate portfolio is vended laundry facilities.

Beyond traditional rental income, these facilities can provide property owners with a steady stream of revenue and a range of financial benefits. In this article, David Shulick delves into the various advantages and potential return on investment (ROI) associated with incorporating vended laundry facilities into commercial real estate holdings.

Diversified Income Stream

One of the primary advantages of adding vended laundry facilities to a commercial property is the creation of a diversified income stream. While rental income remains a cornerstone of commercial real estate investment, income from vended laundry facilities is supplementary and operates independently. This diversification can serve as a buffer against potential vacancies or economic downturns, providing property owners with a more resilient revenue model.

Reliable and Recurring Revenue

Vended laundry facilities offer a unique advantage in terms of revenue reliability. Unlike traditional rental income, which may be subject to market fluctuations, laundry facilities generate consistent and recurring revenue. Laundry is a basic necessity, and the demand for clean clothing and linens remains constant regardless of economic conditions. This stability ensures a steady cash flow, enhancing the overall financial stability of the property.

Minimal Overhead Costs

Operating vended laundry facilities is relatively cost-effective compared to other commercial ventures. The equipment and maintenance costs associated with laundry facilities are manageable, especially when compared to complex operations like restaurants or retail spaces. With proper management and routine maintenance, property owners can maximize profitability while keeping overhead costs in check.

Low Tenant Turnover

Incorporating vended laundry facilities can lead to increased tenant retention rates. Residents value the convenience of on-site laundry facilities, and having this amenity can be a compelling factor in their decision to renew their lease. This, in turn, reduces turnover costs associated with marketing and preparing a unit for a new tenant. By providing essential services like laundry, property owners can foster a sense of satisfaction and loyalty among their tenant base.

David Shulick

Enhanced Property Value

The inclusion of vended laundry facilities can enhance the overall value of the commercial property. Well-maintained and efficiently operated laundry facilities contribute positively to the property’s appeal and marketability. When prospective tenants or buyers assess the property, the presence of on-site laundry facilities can be a strong selling point, potentially commanding higher rental rates, or property sale prices.

Potential for Additional Revenue Streams

Beyond traditional coin-operated machines, modern vended laundry facilities can incorporate technology-driven features such as mobile payment options and loyalty programs. These innovations can unlock additional revenue streams and enhance the customer experience. By leveraging technology, property owners can tap into evolving consumer preferences and capture a broader market share.


Incorporating vended laundry facilities into a commercial real estate portfolio represents a financially astute decision for property owners seeking to diversify their income streams and enhance the value of their investments. With consistent and reliable revenue, manageable operating costs, and the potential for additional income streams, vended laundry facilities offer a compelling opportunity for property owners looking to optimize their returns on investment. By strategically incorporating this amenity, property owners can unlock a range of financial benefits and bolster the overall profitability of their commercial real estate holdings.

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